Saturday, July 8

A scary thing?

More Deaf people in San Diego are discovering that I do have a blog, thanks to Ridor who blurted out my name on his blog. ;-) So if you are a San Diegan and you got a blog, tell me what is yours!... after all I gave you mine so it is only fair!

I admit that my blog is not political like most Deaf blogs... I only post what is relevant to me-- I post opinions on things that I do know well. That's why you don't see any posts about Gally protests from me-- I was not there, I rely on other people's experiences, opinions (biased or not), and blogs to follow the events... but I don't feel my opinion is necessary if there is already dozens of people who were THERE and POSTED their opinions. I was in Turkey so I posted my opinions about Turkey. I was aware about San Diego mayoral race fisaco and I posted my opinions. I post random stuff such as CDIs and Domestic Partnership because those topics matter the most to me. If you don't like that, fine. There is Ridor that covers everything from politics to gossip.

So this blog is more of my personal vents about things that happen in my milieu, let it be political or personal. Enjoy and don't forget to give me your blog address, dammit!

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