Thursday, August 31

Arabic-- Offensive Language?

Raed in the Middle (found by Deaf258) blogged about his incident that he dealed with Jetblue at JFK airport just because he wore this shirt that said "We will not be silent" in English and Arabic (apparently the most offensive language?).

Deaf258 compared what Raed went through to Rosa Parks' refusal to sit in the back of bus when Raed was asked to move to back of the airplane.

"It sucks to be an Arab/Muslim living in the US these days. When you go to the middle east, you are a US tax-payer destroying people's houses with your money, and when you come back to the US, you are a suspected terrorist and plane hijacker." --Raed

Why do people continue to use racial-profile? It is wrong and illegal. If it is okay for us to view Middle-Easterns as terrorits, is it okay for them to view us as obese and ignorant people who let Bush destroying America and that we want to conquer the world? If you don't want to label as an overgeneralization, then stop overgeneralizing things about Middle-eastern like that every Middle-Eastern is a practicing Muslim, they all are in favor for jihads, that they are secretly conscriping to hijack an airplane, despite that many of them are BORN in America! This is just to reinforce my previous post where you cannot just ask people to decry their nationality in exchange for our acceptance of them in America... we need to put more faith trust in people who move to USA for better opportunities. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is the key word here.

More of "airport humiliations" that Middle-Easterns suffer in USA and other countries.

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