Friday, August 4

Is it just me?

Maybe because I am a female, maybe because my blog is not political, maybe because I am "just too young" but I met several bloggers (I am not going to name them because I want to give them a second chance) who weren't very nice to me. It was more as if they were looking down at me.
What the...?!
Even with the Deafhood buzzing among the Deaf community, it seems to not make its way into the Deaf BlogWorld. Does it matter whether a Deaf blog is political or not? What makes a blog political or personal?
Many Deaf female bloggers kept their blogs private for reasons like sexual harassament and privacy and I totally understand but I kept mine open because I don't feel I have disclosed anything that may pertain my private life. I think I do have stuff that people are interested in reading: traveling to Europe, meeting Deaf people in other countries, struggles with interpreters, academic issues with hearing university, meeting other deaf Bloggers, and more. They are not political but it is SOMETHING that the readers can relate to. At least there is a Deaf blogger somewhere that is not ALL ABOUT POLITICS!
I like to see this blog as the book of my life. So up yours if you don't like me or my blog because I lack politics or serious issues (which I disagree).

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