Thursday, August 24

It's All Gone Pete Tong

If you have read the comments from previous blog, you can see that Pepe is trying to get the truth in regards the case where a Deaf teen got beaten up by 10 people due to a misunderstanding or a gang sign. The truth was unclear so I am putting it on hold until the smoke screen clears up.


Meanwhile, I am going to lighten up this blog with a movie about Deafness--
It's All Gone Pete Tong is a British film about a deejay losing his hearing (oh the HORROR!) and ended up going through the 12 steps of emotions: denial, anger, resentment, withdrawal/grief, acceptance and last but not least, action.

Pete began to notice that he missed words, and people had to scream in his ears. He freaked out and attempted to regain his hearing but failed in doing so. Just as the 12 steps dicates, he began withdrawing from the world because friends abandoned him (due to frustrations of Pete not understanding them). Wacky attempts to "pop" his hearing back were done with fireworks taped up next to his ears!
Nothing works. He is officially Deaf. In his solitary, he realized that he can keep doing his deejay job if he relearns how to "hear"... He met and hired a Deaf woman who taught him how to lipread (and signs as well)... and together they went on a journey to prove that Deaf people can deejay as well!!
The ending was very good. The movie doesn't convey that Pete WANTS to be a "hearie" again, but simply to prove that if you have enough passion to motivate yourself, then nothing can stop you.
This movie is a comedy as well, so this is something you can sit back and laugh while absorbing the overall message of this movie.

(I don't think anybody in this movie is actually Deaf irl... but hey-- at least they are not portraying Deaf people in a stereotypical image as "deaf-n-mute")

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