Thursday, August 17

One more semester to go

Autumn's coming soon. Cannot wait to curl up in my knitted sweaters (I got a fetish where I keep buying crocheted/knitted attires that I cannot wear just yet in this 80 to 90 degrees weather) and wearing thick and cute socks. Maybe I need to get back to knit beanie hats as Christmas presents for friends... hmm. It never hurts to start early.

Anyway-- when I think of Autumn, I think of textbooks to highlight and exams to crash the night before...
My schedule is not solid yet. I do want to crash some more classes but I have to keep myself sane this semester. No more overloading. I need to invest more time in my creativity for projects so I cannot just take on more classes to keep myself busy.

Experimental Processes, Tues & Thurs
ART506 Contemporary Issues, Tuesday only
ART511 Lithography Print In Col, Wednesday only <--(Most likely to be dropped)
TE362 Fldwk Community Settings, Tues & Thurs<--(Sort of being a tutor to middle/high schoolers. I asked them to place me in a Deaf envirovment. They said they will try. So see-see.)

I do want to take up the surfing class again BUT I want a Deafie buddy to sign up as well. It is not fun to sit on the board in the sea all by my lonesome. Anybody wanna to volunteer? It will cost up to... 110$ for the class fee. The MBAC will provide you various lengths of foam surfboards. You can rent their swimsuits (I bought my own). It is a fun workout! Com'on... PLEASE!

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