Monday, August 28

Random tidbits and two cents

This is already pretty much covered by everybody else but here is a link to see the video at a Deaf coffee night about the "hate crime" in San Diego. Understanding "hate crime" that includes disabled people as victims is available at here which discusses that hate crimes in disability communities are underreported. "Among disabled people...hate crimes are often mislabeled "abuse" and dealt with through counseling as opposed to criminal prosecution."

First day of fall semester's tomorrow. I am still sifting around with my schedule... I only need 7 units to graduate yet I signed up for 13 units. I need to be more realistic and balance myself. One semester, I did take up 21 units. WAY too much. I will update my schedule next week if you care so much about my life. :-) I am excited to get back in the swing of making art. I have so many ideas waiting to be busted out of my mind!

Recent bombs in Turkey made me feeling nervous since I am familiar with some areas mentioned in this news article. There are tensions between Kurds and the Turkish government in regards of acknowledging the people of Kurd. Kurd is a community without state or lands to call their own. They live in proximity of neighboring Middle-East countries like Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Kurds wish to possess a state of their own to govern after years of oppression. When I was in Turkey, I was told by local Turks that the Kurds are good and kind people but there are just several "bad apples" that were trained by Iraqis or Iranians (not sure on this) to terrorize because it was thought to be the only way to get attention. Unfortunately, the PKK (name of the terrorist Kurd group) immobilizes the rest of Kurdish population to be accepted in various countries to an extent where some Kurdish people will hide their Kurdish identity to avoid social stigmas. After all, I cannot blame them. How could you expect to be automatically accepted by a country that forbade Kurdish language until 1991?? People without a country... there is more cultures/groups that are like Kurds-- they are stateless, lack any form of citizenship, and ignored but they still hold on to each other and breath life into their culture for many generations to come.

This picture is actually our international border on a beach between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. Only a decade or two ago, there was no fence so all beachgoers from each country can just mingle together. This reminds me of a picture I saw in my photography class-- it was an old picture of a white door standing tall and alone in this vast arid landscape... there was nothing but tumbleweeds and cacti. That door was the international border. Yet the door was an invitation for the people to migrate into America. I loved that picture because it was the resounding message that America is still a country that houses immigrants who wish to improve themselves and embrace their new home.

Remember that I am a first-generation American of an immigrant parent. I will never understand American people's objections against immigration (legal and/or illegal). Everybody here are descendants of immigrants. I will never ask a person to decry their nationality. Let them cherish their roots.

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