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Response to Ridor's post

In a response toWhere Is An Uproar In San Diego?, naturally because I am a native San Diegan.

You all know how Ridor can be. We love and/or hate him. I do understand his intention of blogging that post but here is my summary of his post: he blatantly attacked San Diego for not having Deafhood.
I think he was wrong to attack about the lack of Deafhood.
Maybe it is different in DC or NYC compared to San Diego for Deaf communities.
It is lack of proximity for Deaf community to get together.
We have differnt struggles as a Deaf community than other metropolian cities in America.
San Diego is not a city that is condensed within 5 miles of downtown like D.C.. San Diego is basically a giant space that are miles and miles of different cities rolled into one big county. Poway isn't part of San Diego but people still called that area "San Diego" bcause it is close by.
Not many Deaf people can afford to live *IN* the city of San Diego-- so this results in Deaf people SPREADING all over the county-- in Lakeside, Chula Vista, Oceanside and many more where the housings are affordable. Due to this spreading, the weekly/monthly gatherings are hard to come by-- people cannot drive 40minutes to meet up with other Deaf people. Deaf Community Service is in Hillcrest-- in the heart of San Diego. How could the people in Oceanside or Lakeside have access if they cannot afford the distance?
The solution is to ESTABLISH more centers for Deaf across San Diego county. I will say that San Diego have FOUR parts-- North, South, East and Central. Central is the city of San Diego while the north consists of Oceanside, Fallbrook, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Del Mar; the east consists of Lakeside, Santee, Alpine, El Cajon, La Mesa and many more; the south is Chula Vista, National City, Imperial Beach, San Ysidro, and many more.
It is not the lack of Deafhood. It is lack of proximity which gives the Deaf people burdens of gas and time to take to drive AND fight for parking just to meet other Deaf people when they can just STAY in their neighborhood and meet other local Deafies? There are deaf hangouts in each part of San Diego which I am thrilled because FINALLY the local Deafies are taking the social life INTO their homes.
Contradicatory to Ridor's claim, And we ARE establishing a CAD chapter. The woman that wants to run the local chapter is approaching this in a wrong way-- she doesn't get her word OUT by "hands"-- she relies on email and website. She should pass out PAPER flyers and drop them at North/East/South/Central San Diego. Why?
You have to remember-- San Diego is BORDERING to Mexico. So the majority of our Deaf community is an immigrant or child of immigrants. So the high chance is that those people don't have computer or daily access to computers. SO why was this woman relying on the emails/websites to spread word????? I tried to imply that she should try to spread by papers but she was so passionate ("I have a lot of experiences of hosting events at NTID!!" Okay but that was back in the 80s-- time's a-changing!).
There is ALREADY a box on the CAD application to apply that states if you are part of San Diego. Believe me, I know this because I do have the ACTUAL paper in my hand that includes San Diego. Maybe Ridor has an outdated application??
But Ridor claimed that there is lack of Deafhood among the community... why don't you ask Jared? I don't see him at CAD meetings. I don't see him around much to be honest. Maybe because he is in the north part of San Diego. But that leads me to discuss about another struggle among the Deaf community--which is probably the "deafhood" Ridor was referring to-- there is a great division between those who don't have an education and those who are educated. The "educated" Deaf people are acting all mighty-and-better-than-thou. They put attempts to AVOID Deaf events taken place in various parts of San Diego. Why? "Because they are... stupid people and I don't want to talk with them" mentioned by a certain person that Ridor mentioned in his blog. It is understandable. After all, you spend years on pushing your level up into the hearing world and now you don't want to dumb yourself down for your OLD elementary Deaf friends. But is that what Ridor attacking about "Deafhood"?
It is not the Deafhood issue. It is proximity and access of the Deaf community here. Admittedly, the Deaf leaders do not understand that MANY Deaf San Diegans have access to computers nor have an adqueate level of English.... BUT-- WHO ARE SAYING THEY ARE LEADERS?? Ridor labelled Padden and Humphries as our Deaf Leaders. BUt ARE DEAF SAN DIEGANS CALLING THEM DEAF LEADERS??
So it is the OUTSIDERS that decided to label everything for us. I was born and raised in San Diego-- (The RARITY of Deaf people where 90% of community is from EVERYWHERE ELSE in the world) I never meet Padden. I never meet Humphries. I only learned about them recent. I wouldn't call them Deaf leader. I will call Kevin Struxness a Deaf leader. I will call Bonnie Sherwood a leader for Deaf. I know many other Deaf people who put efforts and passion into our Deaf community-- but the outsiders don't see them. Why? Because they are not locals. They don't know the history. They don't know the locals who are known as "HOS"-- Hiding Out Somewhere. We have different values than Deaf people in DC or NYC or LA. We value our time. We value our privacy. We ALSO cherish the moments we hang out with other deaf people. We just feel that WE come first before we give up our lives to meet other Deaf people. We put our education and careers and family AHEAD of meeting other Deaf people. WHY? Because we are rest assured that THERE are Deaf people everywhere in San Diego.
The only solution for the Deaf community in San Diego is to establish more Deaf centers and provide the information in ALL mediums, not restricted via emails and websites (how MANY Deafies in San Diego are subscribed to DPHH??? MANY of you bitched and complained "I never got the email about DPHH!!" Well duh because the group thought all Deafies has a pager or computer attached to their hips), and have the "Great Wall" between educated and laypeople breaking down.

I just had to vent. I love SAn Diego and YES, sometime I am sad that San Diego's not like D.C. and I do understand Ridor's intention to burn people up and have people DO something, but it just got too far when he is not accurate with his information e.g. "Even in San Diego, the nation’s 8th largest city with 3 million residents, there is no chapter of California Association of the Deaf (CAD)!" .... 3million-- WRONG. You want the CITY only? That is only 1.2 million of people. But I think you MEAN the San Diego COUNTY-- which is an entire different story. And that requires a DIFFERENT solution than having ONE chapter in San Diego to represent the whole county. I did mention that the San Diego county has FOUR parts which has a sustatined population of Deaf people.
One CAD chapter WON'T solve the Great-Wall between the San Diegan Deafies.

Ridor, I love you for your bold personality but where did you get your information? I am disappointed that you just went wild with some bullshit information by some anonymous source about a city that you probably never visit.

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