Thursday, August 10

Splashing out of the fishbowl...!

Finally I am dealing with the fact that I only have five or so months to figure out what to do with my life. After December 2006, I am done with my degree. Fin-o! But what does tha tmean? That means I have to step into the working world! And using my degree as my tool to manhandle the world...!

(gasping for air)

But I realized-- WHAT can I work?? WHERE will I work?? To be honest, anything that pays more than 650$ a month plus medical benefits, I am totally happy. Being on welfare isn't fun. So I began to rack my brain to figure out what are my prospective jobs... and all I can come up are: "Oh, I wouldn't mind working at Borders and get discounts for those books I want to buy... or JambaJuice! Free drinks every shift... yummy" but I realized that those jobs are for college or high school students. NOT for an university graduate. Shit. I have missed my chance to work in crappy jobs. I have to leap into the white-collar world where I might have to work in a cubicle, data-entrying, filing papers, and whatnot. I never had my fun. Dammit.

I have been toyed with an idea that I can try a hand at teaching... (GULP!) Well you know what people say: When people have failed at everything-- they become teachers. Somewhat along those lines. I am not sure if I want to run a classroom, but I wouldn't mind tutoring-- I can tutor geology, help with English/writing... I could teach an art class (of course) but I think I will become Miss Bitch if I teach any type of subjects. We will see...

All I know is that I do need some type of job experiences to update my resume to be more fresh before I move to D.C. to keep my job opportunities open. My last paid job was in 2003 (and it was for 2.35$ hourly). Between that and now, I have been volunteered, worked under the table, babysat, and whatnot.

Argh! Too much of "serious stuff" for a 20-year-old kid...
That's what I get for wanting to be a grown-up too soon. So if you want a Deaf employee and you like me-- you know what to do. (thumbs up)

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