Friday, September 15

The Cuckoo and Jury Duty

"The Cuckoo"- my first English-subtitled foreign movie that included a Finnish character. "A very simple happenstance movie about a frustrated Russian soldier, a reluctant Finn soldier and a pastoral Sami woman" quoted a reviewer. The movie is quirky and amusing because you see three cultures (Lapi, Finnish, and Russian) clashing with language barriers and cultural norms that leads to misunderstandings. There was some funny scenese. But then it is possible because I understand the clash.
I will recommend this to anybody who is already a fan of foreign films.

Busy month for me--
I have three-days workshop to attend for a teaching position at UCSD for American Sign Language but it seems that I won't get a job due to conflict in schedule but I am still obligated to attend just to vie my appeal for next quarter. The week after that, I have a summons that mandates me to show up for jury-duty. Lovely. No longer I can escape by stating that I do have classes to attend to. They already got an interpreter for me. Hopefully it is somebody I like so I can talk while waiting. I have been avoided the summons by dodging and postponing for two years now. Now I am nabbed. Hopefully I will only go in for ONE day only... how-how? By portraying myself as the worst juror. I better start to figure out the strategies... Any suggestions??
Does anybody here (Deaf) have any jury-duty experience where they actually got assigned to a trial?
Many Deaf friends of mine said they always got passed over because the court was worried about the costs of sign-language interpreters and the myth that most lawyers have that Deaf people are "low-functional" and incomptent to make a judgement.
Not that I am enthaustic about partaking in a trial, but I got classes and grades to worry about.

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