Monday, September 11

I got my diet down, now I gotta get my exercise...

I just signed up the "Kaiser Permanente Get Fit San Diego" program hosted by 24Fitness. 8 weeks of membership for 16$. Not bad. I am starting regularly on Thursdays and Mondays with C and/or my friend "K". To factor in my surfing class which will be a vigrousous workout, I am on my way to being healthy!
For my surfing class, I found a Deaf buddy to join up with me! He's from London. He has this top 10 things he has to do whilst in California and surfing was one of them-- and I got the bait for him to hook on. ;-)
I do notice that I do prefer to have a buddy whenever I want to go out on an activity. Am I clingy? No. I do shopping all by myself so it is not all about loneliness. I think I just want to have somebody to CHAT with while having fun (surfing, working-out, whatever).
Is it because of my Deafness or just my personality? You may think: "Ok Kirsi's getting weird here with a such personal thought..." well it just so happened that I have noticed that people are curious about the close-knited Deaf commmunity such as why Deaf people likes to hug, why do they tell their lifestory at first meeting, why they take forever to leave? The book "Journey into Deaf World" said it is a norm that becomes permanment when Deaf people used to cherish every moment of Deaf social contact due to lack of technology-- well today that should change a lot BUT Deaf people STILL talk, linger around longer, hug each-other at greetings and farewells as usual, despite the fact that we do have video-phones, pagers, TTY and computers. Technology cannot diminish the way of Deaf people. It just give us more ways of keeping in touch!
So with that mystery of my preference for a buddy system being dismissed, I am VERY happy that I have friends to go out with for surfing or workouts! If you want to sign up for same offers in San Diego, you can go to the link I posted above and as for surfing-- check out Mission Bay Aquatic Center for list of sports they teach!

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