Saturday, September 23

Update: Jury Duty

Well, something happened this week that led me to contact the court hall to require for a postponement for my jury-duty service.
What is it?
I got a job ! I got to work on Monday which is the same day for my jury duty service. So I got into this mad rush to figure out how I can evade the service... I was supposed to mail in a form with written explanation... It will take an envelope to arrive to the city hall in 3 days and my jury duty was in 3 days too. so, FORGET IT.
I emailed to this person who coordinates the grants of waivers/postponement.
No reply. Go figure. I doubt the city-hall know they DO have the email system. So I presauded C to call for me because I didn't have time and I wanted the damn postponement.
He was hesistant because he didn't think they would do it just because somebody else than me is asking for the postponement... but they just did. "oh, you are calling for that Deaf woman that emailed me...? Sure. No problem. She is waivered."
What's the difference between the waiver and postponement? Well if the postponement is granted, I have to serve my jury duty within next 30-days. but with the waiver-- nada until they summon me again.
... I am relieved. :-) I was not looking forward to sit all day waiting for nothing.

At least I don't have to look like THIS ^ on Monday!

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