Thursday, October 26

Black Friday Pictures (from Eyeth Studios)

I am not sure if it has been already submitted to but this link at Eyeth Studios has a wonderful ablum of Black Friday.

I wish I can show you some pictures that I feel that are profound but the ablum is "locked" but I want you to take a look through those pictures with several pictures I want you to pay attention:

One picture of policeman smiling, maybe laughing.... why? Maybe because he thinks this whole arresting 135 people is ridiculous.

One picture of a young man in a wheelchair-- I did read somewhere else that he was upset that DPS didn't touch him just because he was in a wheelchair. They avoided him and he demanded them to arrest him too because he was a protestor as well (he was in the front row as well but they just went around him!) so eventually the DPS finally picked him up from his wheelchair to be arrested. I found this touching because it is evident that people do discriminate-- even in arrests. I applaud for this young man. Hope somebody can tell me his name so he can be honored as well. :-)

It has been a struggle to stay updated and at same time post my comments/opinions (not necessarily only about Unity-For-Gallaudet).
So I am letting you know that I do have my youtube account where I uploaded several videos. I have been meant to post them here as well but... NO TIME to embed it AND make transcripts for those non-signers so my apologies for leaving the hearing people out of this. Someday, I promise you, someday.

Meanwhile, enjoy those videos I made in the past month. Deaf and English (06:20) Talkative Cashiers (04:21)
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