Sunday, October 29

The Floodgates have been opened-- HOORAY!

A friend emailed me via sidekick to say: "Good news!!!!! Bot decided to resign jk!!!!!!" and I immediately checked nada. Hmm. Is this a bout of gossip?

So I emailed back to him: "How do you find out?" And as I clicked on the reload-- there were four new posts regarding to this resignation already.
The floodgates have been opened. You will see cheers, relief, tears of joy, and many more.

Good bye Jane--
There are SO few that we have learned from of those is that we, the Deaf people of various background, can unite through a hard time. You taught us that we love each other despite the background. You taught us that we do have rights and that we haven't forgetten how to fight back. You helped us all to unite.
Thank you Jane... now get outta of my way. Don't come back.

The new question! Who will be our next president????
Will we keep the same candidates or reopen the whole process to invite MORE candidate to be nominated????
Glenn seems to be the most popular choice.

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