Friday, October 13

Liza Minneli Does ASL

(She starts to sign after a minute and half or so)

I wonder who coaches her ASL?? She mustn't have practiced much because some signs are incoherent. And why is she using ASL on a British tv show??? Ridiculous. Anyway I just thought that it is interested that Liza used ASL while singing... which must be difficult for somebody who is not fluent in ASL!!!

(Thanks to Jordon who forwarded me this...!) here is the transcript below:

You see, my lover makes no sound
His language is his hands
I watch his fingers dance and try to understand
I try to understand his elegant ballet
In my heart I can hear the words he longs to say

And so I've learned to speak a language he can hear
To tell him how I feel whenever he his near
He lives around the block, it's just a little walk
We'll meet tonight at eight
At eight tonight, we'll talk

Oh my love, oh my love
Quiet love, quiet love
I am calm whenever you are near
And somehow I can hear what your heart wants to say

(Singing while Signing in ASL)
I have a small surprise
To spring on you tonight
I'm learning how to sign
Please God I get it right
It's something that you do
With confidence and ease
I'm clumsier than you
This might come out Chinese
But come and fill my heart
Its never danced this way
I'm nervous and it's hard
I have so much to say
I've always been afraid
My dream seemed so unreal

But now I bless this world
For how you make me feel

Oh, my love
Oh, my love
You are shy
So am I
But if you would tell me that it's true
You feel the way I do
Then tomorrow can start
As we are, together we'll grow old
For wise men always say
That in silence
There's gold

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