Sunday, October 15

San Diego's Tent-Beach

To get more information, go to: (San Diego CommUNITY for Gallaudet),
They should upload a video of the dialogue taken place at the gathering-- and several photos too.
I have been pretty neutral throughout this Gally protest because one-- I am not a Gallaudet Student; two-- I am not a DC resident. But I feel that I should be part of it by being aware of all sides of this protest BECAUSE I will become a DC resident and Gallaudet will be part of my daily life (due to my husband's enrollment in their linguistic MA/Ph.D program). But I do share the same thought with many protestants (students, alumni, faculty)-- that JaneKF needs to resign. Who in their right mind will want to work in a such hostile enviornment for many years to come?
She needs to spare herself the trouble (and at same time, save her face and dignity) and let the process of choosing the presidental candidate reopening for Gallaudet University.

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