Wednesday, October 11

Tent-Beach, San Diego-Style

One blog shows a nation-wide map of Tent-City sites and I realized there is one in San Diego! Disappointed that I was left out of this "information-chain", I hunted for the information and naturally I went to Jared's blog which I am reposting:

Do you support Gallaudet FSSA? Or do you want to stomp out oppression and audism?

This rally is for you! TENT true San Diegan style!

Meet on Saturday at 10am at Pacific Beach on the end of Law st.
From I-5...westbound on Garnet, Right on Mission Blvd, then Left on Law.

Bring your tents! Make signs!

We will explain what events has happened at Gallaudet that prompted some of us to take action.

Spread word! If anyone gets this three times, it's all good!

I think it is quirky that they list this as Tent-Beach rather than a Tent-City. :-) So I might go and check it out to obtain more information since all of allegations are spreading out and it is hard to get one whole circle of information and incidents to understand what's happening at Gallaudet.
I was already planning on to go surf this Saturday one beach south from PB anyway ;-)

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