Monday, October 16

Updated: Pictures from Tent-Beach!.html

Enjoy the pictures. :-) Those pictures were taken by Darren Frazier who drove all way from Flordia (he was just stopping in San Diego as he continues his way to Oregon/Washington, his final destination).

From the group picture Darren took, I attempted to count how many people showed up for the Tent-Beach-- it was well over 30 people (included kiddies and excluded furkiddies which there were four) unless I miscounted-- since mathematics is not my bailiwick.
More people did show up well after the photo op. There was confusion as whether this was an all-day event or not. I did think it was an all-day but I was corrected the night before and had to readjust my plans so I can be there when it started.

So far none of my Gally friends were arrested as they partook in the protest. I was relieved to find out about that.

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