Monday, November 20

Abundances of Countdowns

I have so many countdowns for December:
The last day I have to go for work, my birthday, my last day of classes before I graduate, and the day I fly out to Europe!

My livelihood ends first-- on December 6th. After grading my ASL students' finals, I am liberated (until next quarter). My last day of classes is on 9th, but there are possibilites of finals being conducted after the last day of classes; I don't even know when my finals are... yet! My birthday's on 11th and I abscond to Europe on 14th (not many of my friends know about this trip).

Time will fly by quick in next three weeks.

My itinerary for Europe are the following:
Barcelona, Spain-- December 15 to December 20
London Stansted, England-- December 20 to 21
Tampere and Pori, Finland-- December 21 to December 26
London, England-- December 26 to 29 (I will see you Jordon!)
Paris, France-- December 29 or 30 to January 1st
Somewhere in Italy (mostly likely Venice and Verona)-- January 1st to...January 9th??
Back to Barcelona, Spain-- January 9 and 10, which is the day we fly back home!

We decided to omit Germany from our plans because of Finland-- both countries have two major elements: snow and alcohol. Why should we visit Germany if Finland already got them? ;-) So we are skipping over Germany to greet my family for Christmas (and to pay respects for my mummo).

I don't even bother to think about Thanksgiving this weekend.
I am not sure what to do this Thanksgiving. My mom will fly in and might need a ride from the airport on the turkey-day. My dad have asked me for a lunch. My in-laws are having a late-lunch/early-dinner. Oh dear... better get those stretch-waist pants...

I do understand the sentiment that goes with the thanksgiving holiday that gives you opportunties to reminisence of what to be grateful...
But my belief is that it shouldn't be limited to one day a year. You should give gratitude everyday for what you have in your life. Be thankful for people that love you (and that you love too). Say it everyday. Say it to your loved ones. Don't wait until the third Thursday* of November!!

* this year we do have five thursdays, and our third thursday fell upon the 16th, but our first week didn't include monday therefore we began to count thursdays AFTER the first Monday which brought us to 23rd as our third thursday... this is my merly disclaimer in case you espy the fallacy.

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