Monday, November 6


The COX Arena at San Diego State.
I was in the first row, before the floor which you can see that there are non-permanment seats towarding the stage.
The famous signature of BlueManGroup-- blue illumination
Gone wild with Red!!!! They had a signer/band which is Tracy B. (I cannot find the last name!!! My apology)
You can see on the upper-right corner where there is a "big screen" (which is small to your view) of three members of BlueManGroup playing with PVC pipes to make music.

The photos are poor, I know. I wasn't THAT close but the SK camera's fisheye made it appearing that I was FAR away from the stage.
The show was a BLAST. It was LOUD and it did use more music than the first show I went to in NYC in 1998. Maybe because they have to play to an audience of 3,000 rather than an audience of 60 so they have to relay on music to be accessible to everybody. They did use a lot of texts (even during SOME of songs by Tracy B.) to be projected into the screen.
They are still funny. Amazing. Truly a blast. Worth every dollar I spent on this ticket. ANYBODY, Deaf or Hearing, WILL ENJOY THIS SHOW. The humor, the extraordinary visuals, and many more. IT doesn't matter if you cannot understand the songs. It is just a crutch, in my opinion-- to keep the hearies happy while the BMG is having fun on the stage.
GO IF THEY ARE PLAYING IN YOUR CITY!!!!!!!!!! For more videos to watch to get an idea what their show is like. For the dates they play in whatever city.

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