Sunday, November 12

Countdown to my 21st birthday

Yes. Surprise. I am not 21 yet (that if you haven't paid attention to my "profile" on the right column).

I mentioned a while ago that I am a teetotaller so my 21st birthday is an another birthday to me-- with an lavish sanction that has bequeathed upon me--unlimited access to bars and clubs.

Just before you jump the gun by crying out "What do you mean, a teetotaller that wants to go in clubs and bars??"; please do allow me to rationalize:

Where do all 20-something to 30-something Deaf people go for carousals? Bars. Hell, there is even an montly event that frets with happy hour (DPHH). In Southern California, there are usually a variety of Deaf hangouts at clubs where there is a Deaf deejay to blast out music (usually around holidays).

I have been sneaked through the security for many years-- behind their backs, they never ask for my ID because they think I am actually older, or just saying that I am a Designated Driver.

I am tired of it. I am tired of being barred to go in anywhere just because I fall short below the "21-and-up" mark.

I want to be able to just waltz in anywhere just to socialize-- for a friend's birthday, for a dinner with hubby C, or just to feel the music.

December 11 will be the day I am (pah) freed.
December 11 won't be the day I take 21-shots to celebrate.
December 11 won't be the day I become a drunk either-- or even a sipper.
My 21st birthday is merely a celebration of my freedom under the society's inane policy of curbing people's addictions to alcoholic beverages to an extent to establish a "21-and-up" mark, which I am being punished just because I happen to be in an age group where bad choices had been made for many decades. Thanks a lot, guys.

I am greatly disappointed in my friends (at least, I thought they were my friends) who have been pressured me to take a giant party with various alcohols for me to try. This upsets me because I realized that none of them knows me nor cares about me. So this is my little life that I am sharing with you all-- the reason I don't want to drink at all is because I came from an alocholic family where physical violence was infused. Divorces, deaths, and bitter lives have been followed as my family became addicted to alcohol (especially my own father). Do you think I want to embrace the alcohol as I remember all shit I grew up with? I feel like I want to scream: "Quit imposing your addiction to me!"
I honestly don't get it why it shocks people that I still chose to NOT drink by my own will. I feel sorry for them, actually-- that they truly believe life does revolve alcohol and parties. It is not the same when you are 45-yr-old and you are still beer-bonging... please do break out of that habit, already. Grow up.

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