Friday, November 10

Very Impolite of me-- or not?

I picked up a trick from my husband when encountering with a panicky
cashier. You know those guys-- who broke down when you asked for a piece
of paper so you can write down your order... Anyway C learned that you
can ask them to "feed out a paper" from their cashier (you know those
machine that cranks out your receipts?).
So here's my observation at a certain starbucks off the higway 56 that I
had to email to my husband to caution him:
Apparently it is impolite to
"touch (their) feeder" at starbucks.
I pulled off 56 (which was CHOKED) to sip at Starbucks to sit out the
traffic and work on my stuff.
At the cashier, a young lady was yapping so I gestured for paper-- she
fumbled around so I pointed to the feeder. She looked confused. So I
proceed to press "Feed" and tore off a piece of paper from that machine
to write down.
She proceeded as if nothing... Then as she took my card, she looked at
me and said something very bitchy but I missed so I went "hmm?" she
repeated but I didn't catch on quick enough-- she dismissed it with a
"never mind" but I understood 5 seconds later: "don't touch my feeder,
okay? Don't ever do that."
And I replied with my voice: "Oh *sorry*" with a smudge of attitude when
she handed back my card.
So be wary of Starbucks cashiers.

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