Sunday, December 10

Good-bye 2006...

My Last Vlog for 2006

Well, 21st birthday's tomorrow-- won't spend it with C-- he will be busy taking the GRE exam and then give out finals to his classes until 9pm. Lovely. His loss then. I just realized that this birthday will be my last one in San Diego. :-/ This really bums me out that I am leaving this wonderful home in less a year.

I don't really have anything to say... the thought of moving to D.C. has creeped into my mind and I am beginning to worry about where to live, how to afford it, et cetera... and where the hell will I work that is NOT government-related???

At least this trip to Europe will take that off my mind for a good while. It has been unusually warm in Europe (thanks to Global Warming), so there is a good chance that it won't snow in Finland (gasp). Really bummed me out since I was looking forward to the snowscapes... but hey! at least I won't freeze my butt off.

So I already got plans lined up to meet Deaf people-- In London, we already got a couple of Deaf/signer friends lined up. For Finland-- it is mostly family-time only so no Deaf folks in Finland (unless I bump into old friends like Eeva??). France-- there is an event on December 28th for Deaf people to learn/advocate the preventation of AIDS/HIV. I cannot find a website for it but I do have the flyer in my hands. So it should be fun-- since we do have a packet of LSF signs, YAY! And as for Italy-- C does know some Italian friends (from the Fremont International Cyclist Competition) but they live in the south-- not in the north where we intend to visit. So we are hoping for luck to bump into Deaf Italians.

It will be sweet. Sights and Deaf people-- foreign. New. Learn. Experience. Priceless.
So... Hope it will be the same for yall-- domestic or international!

Happy New Year-- I will see y'all in 2007!!!

(I might post on the weekend of Janurary 10th-- since that's the day I come back. So keep that date open!!!)
Bon Voyage!

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