Thursday, August 31

Arabic-- Offensive Language?

Raed in the Middle (found by Deaf258) blogged about his incident that he dealed with Jetblue at JFK airport just because he wore this shirt that said "We will not be silent" in English and Arabic (apparently the most offensive language?).

Deaf258 compared what Raed went through to Rosa Parks' refusal to sit in the back of bus when Raed was asked to move to back of the airplane.

"It sucks to be an Arab/Muslim living in the US these days. When you go to the middle east, you are a US tax-payer destroying people's houses with your money, and when you come back to the US, you are a suspected terrorist and plane hijacker." --Raed

Why do people continue to use racial-profile? It is wrong and illegal. If it is okay for us to view Middle-Easterns as terrorits, is it okay for them to view us as obese and ignorant people who let Bush destroying America and that we want to conquer the world? If you don't want to label as an overgeneralization, then stop overgeneralizing things about Middle-eastern like that every Middle-Eastern is a practicing Muslim, they all are in favor for jihads, that they are secretly conscriping to hijack an airplane, despite that many of them are BORN in America! This is just to reinforce my previous post where you cannot just ask people to decry their nationality in exchange for our acceptance of them in America... we need to put more faith trust in people who move to USA for better opportunities. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is the key word here.

More of "airport humiliations" that Middle-Easterns suffer in USA and other countries.

Monday, August 28

Random tidbits and two cents

This is already pretty much covered by everybody else but here is a link to see the video at a Deaf coffee night about the "hate crime" in San Diego. Understanding "hate crime" that includes disabled people as victims is available at here which discusses that hate crimes in disability communities are underreported. "Among disabled people...hate crimes are often mislabeled "abuse" and dealt with through counseling as opposed to criminal prosecution."

First day of fall semester's tomorrow. I am still sifting around with my schedule... I only need 7 units to graduate yet I signed up for 13 units. I need to be more realistic and balance myself. One semester, I did take up 21 units. WAY too much. I will update my schedule next week if you care so much about my life. :-) I am excited to get back in the swing of making art. I have so many ideas waiting to be busted out of my mind!

Recent bombs in Turkey made me feeling nervous since I am familiar with some areas mentioned in this news article. There are tensions between Kurds and the Turkish government in regards of acknowledging the people of Kurd. Kurd is a community without state or lands to call their own. They live in proximity of neighboring Middle-East countries like Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Kurds wish to possess a state of their own to govern after years of oppression. When I was in Turkey, I was told by local Turks that the Kurds are good and kind people but there are just several "bad apples" that were trained by Iraqis or Iranians (not sure on this) to terrorize because it was thought to be the only way to get attention. Unfortunately, the PKK (name of the terrorist Kurd group) immobilizes the rest of Kurdish population to be accepted in various countries to an extent where some Kurdish people will hide their Kurdish identity to avoid social stigmas. After all, I cannot blame them. How could you expect to be automatically accepted by a country that forbade Kurdish language until 1991?? People without a country... there is more cultures/groups that are like Kurds-- they are stateless, lack any form of citizenship, and ignored but they still hold on to each other and breath life into their culture for many generations to come.

This picture is actually our international border on a beach between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. Only a decade or two ago, there was no fence so all beachgoers from each country can just mingle together. This reminds me of a picture I saw in my photography class-- it was an old picture of a white door standing tall and alone in this vast arid landscape... there was nothing but tumbleweeds and cacti. That door was the international border. Yet the door was an invitation for the people to migrate into America. I loved that picture because it was the resounding message that America is still a country that houses immigrants who wish to improve themselves and embrace their new home.

Remember that I am a first-generation American of an immigrant parent. I will never understand American people's objections against immigration (legal and/or illegal). Everybody here are descendants of immigrants. I will never ask a person to decry their nationality. Let them cherish their roots.

Friday, August 25

Fish Evolving Into a Salamander

Remember my analogy of me as a fish gasping for "air" outside of a fishbowl? Well right now the miracles of evolution has me adapting to the new milieu by altering my physical appearances to a ~ salamander ~ ... har har har. Oh well.

I just had a job interview this morning for a teaching job. That place will be a wonderful place to start professionally because they will train me AND provide a curriculm so I do have something to dictate what to do-- as long I keep the class fun and use myself as the three-dimesional and tangible medium for the students to observe and learn.

Wish me luck. I need to get my foot set into the "reality" after college years.

Time to grow up...

Thursday, August 24

It's All Gone Pete Tong

If you have read the comments from previous blog, you can see that Pepe is trying to get the truth in regards the case where a Deaf teen got beaten up by 10 people due to a misunderstanding or a gang sign. The truth was unclear so I am putting it on hold until the smoke screen clears up.


Meanwhile, I am going to lighten up this blog with a movie about Deafness--
It's All Gone Pete Tong is a British film about a deejay losing his hearing (oh the HORROR!) and ended up going through the 12 steps of emotions: denial, anger, resentment, withdrawal/grief, acceptance and last but not least, action.

Pete began to notice that he missed words, and people had to scream in his ears. He freaked out and attempted to regain his hearing but failed in doing so. Just as the 12 steps dicates, he began withdrawing from the world because friends abandoned him (due to frustrations of Pete not understanding them). Wacky attempts to "pop" his hearing back were done with fireworks taped up next to his ears!
Nothing works. He is officially Deaf. In his solitary, he realized that he can keep doing his deejay job if he relearns how to "hear"... He met and hired a Deaf woman who taught him how to lipread (and signs as well)... and together they went on a journey to prove that Deaf people can deejay as well!!
The ending was very good. The movie doesn't convey that Pete WANTS to be a "hearie" again, but simply to prove that if you have enough passion to motivate yourself, then nothing can stop you.
This movie is a comedy as well, so this is something you can sit back and laugh while absorbing the overall message of this movie.

(I don't think anybody in this movie is actually Deaf irl... but hey-- at least they are not portraying Deaf people in a stereotypical image as "deaf-n-mute")

Tuesday, August 22

Response to Ridor's post

In a response toWhere Is An Uproar In San Diego?, naturally because I am a native San Diegan.

You all know how Ridor can be. We love and/or hate him. I do understand his intention of blogging that post but here is my summary of his post: he blatantly attacked San Diego for not having Deafhood.
I think he was wrong to attack about the lack of Deafhood.
Maybe it is different in DC or NYC compared to San Diego for Deaf communities.
It is lack of proximity for Deaf community to get together.
We have differnt struggles as a Deaf community than other metropolian cities in America.
San Diego is not a city that is condensed within 5 miles of downtown like D.C.. San Diego is basically a giant space that are miles and miles of different cities rolled into one big county. Poway isn't part of San Diego but people still called that area "San Diego" bcause it is close by.
Not many Deaf people can afford to live *IN* the city of San Diego-- so this results in Deaf people SPREADING all over the county-- in Lakeside, Chula Vista, Oceanside and many more where the housings are affordable. Due to this spreading, the weekly/monthly gatherings are hard to come by-- people cannot drive 40minutes to meet up with other Deaf people. Deaf Community Service is in Hillcrest-- in the heart of San Diego. How could the people in Oceanside or Lakeside have access if they cannot afford the distance?
The solution is to ESTABLISH more centers for Deaf across San Diego county. I will say that San Diego have FOUR parts-- North, South, East and Central. Central is the city of San Diego while the north consists of Oceanside, Fallbrook, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Del Mar; the east consists of Lakeside, Santee, Alpine, El Cajon, La Mesa and many more; the south is Chula Vista, National City, Imperial Beach, San Ysidro, and many more.
It is not the lack of Deafhood. It is lack of proximity which gives the Deaf people burdens of gas and time to take to drive AND fight for parking just to meet other Deaf people when they can just STAY in their neighborhood and meet other local Deafies? There are deaf hangouts in each part of San Diego which I am thrilled because FINALLY the local Deafies are taking the social life INTO their homes.
Contradicatory to Ridor's claim, And we ARE establishing a CAD chapter. The woman that wants to run the local chapter is approaching this in a wrong way-- she doesn't get her word OUT by "hands"-- she relies on email and website. She should pass out PAPER flyers and drop them at North/East/South/Central San Diego. Why?
You have to remember-- San Diego is BORDERING to Mexico. So the majority of our Deaf community is an immigrant or child of immigrants. So the high chance is that those people don't have computer or daily access to computers. SO why was this woman relying on the emails/websites to spread word????? I tried to imply that she should try to spread by papers but she was so passionate ("I have a lot of experiences of hosting events at NTID!!" Okay but that was back in the 80s-- time's a-changing!).
There is ALREADY a box on the CAD application to apply that states if you are part of San Diego. Believe me, I know this because I do have the ACTUAL paper in my hand that includes San Diego. Maybe Ridor has an outdated application??
But Ridor claimed that there is lack of Deafhood among the community... why don't you ask Jared? I don't see him at CAD meetings. I don't see him around much to be honest. Maybe because he is in the north part of San Diego. But that leads me to discuss about another struggle among the Deaf community--which is probably the "deafhood" Ridor was referring to-- there is a great division between those who don't have an education and those who are educated. The "educated" Deaf people are acting all mighty-and-better-than-thou. They put attempts to AVOID Deaf events taken place in various parts of San Diego. Why? "Because they are... stupid people and I don't want to talk with them" mentioned by a certain person that Ridor mentioned in his blog. It is understandable. After all, you spend years on pushing your level up into the hearing world and now you don't want to dumb yourself down for your OLD elementary Deaf friends. But is that what Ridor attacking about "Deafhood"?
It is not the Deafhood issue. It is proximity and access of the Deaf community here. Admittedly, the Deaf leaders do not understand that MANY Deaf San Diegans have access to computers nor have an adqueate level of English.... BUT-- WHO ARE SAYING THEY ARE LEADERS?? Ridor labelled Padden and Humphries as our Deaf Leaders. BUt ARE DEAF SAN DIEGANS CALLING THEM DEAF LEADERS??
So it is the OUTSIDERS that decided to label everything for us. I was born and raised in San Diego-- (The RARITY of Deaf people where 90% of community is from EVERYWHERE ELSE in the world) I never meet Padden. I never meet Humphries. I only learned about them recent. I wouldn't call them Deaf leader. I will call Kevin Struxness a Deaf leader. I will call Bonnie Sherwood a leader for Deaf. I know many other Deaf people who put efforts and passion into our Deaf community-- but the outsiders don't see them. Why? Because they are not locals. They don't know the history. They don't know the locals who are known as "HOS"-- Hiding Out Somewhere. We have different values than Deaf people in DC or NYC or LA. We value our time. We value our privacy. We ALSO cherish the moments we hang out with other deaf people. We just feel that WE come first before we give up our lives to meet other Deaf people. We put our education and careers and family AHEAD of meeting other Deaf people. WHY? Because we are rest assured that THERE are Deaf people everywhere in San Diego.
The only solution for the Deaf community in San Diego is to establish more Deaf centers and provide the information in ALL mediums, not restricted via emails and websites (how MANY Deafies in San Diego are subscribed to DPHH??? MANY of you bitched and complained "I never got the email about DPHH!!" Well duh because the group thought all Deafies has a pager or computer attached to their hips), and have the "Great Wall" between educated and laypeople breaking down.

I just had to vent. I love SAn Diego and YES, sometime I am sad that San Diego's not like D.C. and I do understand Ridor's intention to burn people up and have people DO something, but it just got too far when he is not accurate with his information e.g. "Even in San Diego, the nation’s 8th largest city with 3 million residents, there is no chapter of California Association of the Deaf (CAD)!" .... 3million-- WRONG. You want the CITY only? That is only 1.2 million of people. But I think you MEAN the San Diego COUNTY-- which is an entire different story. And that requires a DIFFERENT solution than having ONE chapter in San Diego to represent the whole county. I did mention that the San Diego county has FOUR parts which has a sustatined population of Deaf people.
One CAD chapter WON'T solve the Great-Wall between the San Diegan Deafies.

Ridor, I love you for your bold personality but where did you get your information? I am disappointed that you just went wild with some bullshit information by some anonymous source about a city that you probably never visit.

Thursday, August 17

One more semester to go

Autumn's coming soon. Cannot wait to curl up in my knitted sweaters (I got a fetish where I keep buying crocheted/knitted attires that I cannot wear just yet in this 80 to 90 degrees weather) and wearing thick and cute socks. Maybe I need to get back to knit beanie hats as Christmas presents for friends... hmm. It never hurts to start early.

Anyway-- when I think of Autumn, I think of textbooks to highlight and exams to crash the night before...
My schedule is not solid yet. I do want to crash some more classes but I have to keep myself sane this semester. No more overloading. I need to invest more time in my creativity for projects so I cannot just take on more classes to keep myself busy.

Experimental Processes, Tues & Thurs
ART506 Contemporary Issues, Tuesday only
ART511 Lithography Print In Col, Wednesday only <--(Most likely to be dropped)
TE362 Fldwk Community Settings, Tues & Thurs<--(Sort of being a tutor to middle/high schoolers. I asked them to place me in a Deaf envirovment. They said they will try. So see-see.)

I do want to take up the surfing class again BUT I want a Deafie buddy to sign up as well. It is not fun to sit on the board in the sea all by my lonesome. Anybody wanna to volunteer? It will cost up to... 110$ for the class fee. The MBAC will provide you various lengths of foam surfboards. You can rent their swimsuits (I bought my own). It is a fun workout! Com'on... PLEASE!

Thursday, August 10

Splashing out of the fishbowl...!

Finally I am dealing with the fact that I only have five or so months to figure out what to do with my life. After December 2006, I am done with my degree. Fin-o! But what does tha tmean? That means I have to step into the working world! And using my degree as my tool to manhandle the world...!

(gasping for air)

But I realized-- WHAT can I work?? WHERE will I work?? To be honest, anything that pays more than 650$ a month plus medical benefits, I am totally happy. Being on welfare isn't fun. So I began to rack my brain to figure out what are my prospective jobs... and all I can come up are: "Oh, I wouldn't mind working at Borders and get discounts for those books I want to buy... or JambaJuice! Free drinks every shift... yummy" but I realized that those jobs are for college or high school students. NOT for an university graduate. Shit. I have missed my chance to work in crappy jobs. I have to leap into the white-collar world where I might have to work in a cubicle, data-entrying, filing papers, and whatnot. I never had my fun. Dammit.

I have been toyed with an idea that I can try a hand at teaching... (GULP!) Well you know what people say: When people have failed at everything-- they become teachers. Somewhat along those lines. I am not sure if I want to run a classroom, but I wouldn't mind tutoring-- I can tutor geology, help with English/writing... I could teach an art class (of course) but I think I will become Miss Bitch if I teach any type of subjects. We will see...

All I know is that I do need some type of job experiences to update my resume to be more fresh before I move to D.C. to keep my job opportunities open. My last paid job was in 2003 (and it was for 2.35$ hourly). Between that and now, I have been volunteered, worked under the table, babysat, and whatnot.

Argh! Too much of "serious stuff" for a 20-year-old kid...
That's what I get for wanting to be a grown-up too soon. So if you want a Deaf employee and you like me-- you know what to do. (thumbs up)

Friday, August 4

Is it just me?

Maybe because I am a female, maybe because my blog is not political, maybe because I am "just too young" but I met several bloggers (I am not going to name them because I want to give them a second chance) who weren't very nice to me. It was more as if they were looking down at me.
What the...?!
Even with the Deafhood buzzing among the Deaf community, it seems to not make its way into the Deaf BlogWorld. Does it matter whether a Deaf blog is political or not? What makes a blog political or personal?
Many Deaf female bloggers kept their blogs private for reasons like sexual harassament and privacy and I totally understand but I kept mine open because I don't feel I have disclosed anything that may pertain my private life. I think I do have stuff that people are interested in reading: traveling to Europe, meeting Deaf people in other countries, struggles with interpreters, academic issues with hearing university, meeting other deaf Bloggers, and more. They are not political but it is SOMETHING that the readers can relate to. At least there is a Deaf blogger somewhere that is not ALL ABOUT POLITICS!
I like to see this blog as the book of my life. So up yours if you don't like me or my blog because I lack politics or serious issues (which I disagree).