Sunday, January 21

CAD Meeting in San Diego

CAD= California Association for Deaf which is allianced with NAD.

There was a CAD meeting yesterday on Saturday in Poway (yes, too far for many San Diegans) to learn about what track we can take, what type of positions are needed to be filled, how the chapter works with other chapters along with the CAD to tackle down different issues such as education for Deaf, interpreters, improvements in social services by acting as "watchdogs" and at same time offer recreations to develop a strong community bond such as Deaf pageant, Christmas lunch, and so on.

Unfortunately there were not many people attended. The reasons are: not enough spreading of the word (the hostess only invited 9 people so that is really pathetic), time conflicts (many already have commitments made prior to the invitations), or apathetic.
I found it funny that some people of Deaf community got into this fervor to show support for the city and preach people that they should get more invovled-- yet the very same people didn't show this type of fervor when a CAD meeting is being hosted in Poway, a good 40 minutes northeast from Downtown.

You have to remember that San Diego is not just a city-- it is a COUNTY. So you have to deal with Oceanside, El Cajon, Chula Vista while advocating for Hillcrest, North Park, and Mission Valley because all of those regions are part of San Diego; even though most are outside of the city boundary. We don't have any boundary here in San Diego-- so if you want to SUPPORT the community OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY-- then you have to be willing to go out of the invisible boundaries to show the Deaf people that you do care and consider them to be San Diegans as well. A first step toward commUNITY!

Well, this is your chance to redeem!
There will be another CAD meeting in Poway at Round Table Pizza on Febrary 3rd SATURDAY. PEople are encouraged to come around 11am to meet and get to know each other because at noon, VOTING will be taken place to decide who will do what for the committee. The positions that are needed to be filled: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasuer, Membership Director, Directors-at-Large (two positions) to get the San Diego chapter officially a member of CAD. So far, only two people have signed up for any of those. Another thing we will vote for is our chapter's logo!

What does each position of the chapter do???
The president of a chapter is the REPRESENTATIVE of the chapter so you will go out and speak for San Diego, you will deal with issues and decide how to distrubate the duties to your committee, and work with the president of CAD to let them know what is happening in your region/county.
The vice-president of a chapter's responsibilites are to relay issues/information/situations to the president, manage the inner system of committee (you deal with treauser, secratry, et cetera directly), basically all the dirty work behind the curtains are done by you to keep the president informed.
The secretary is to write down meeting, important information et cetera so everybody in the chapter can check up for facts, statements, et cetera.
The treasuer is to take care of funds, budget the chapter, and host fundraisers if needed.
Membership director is responsible for recuriting, taking care of membership fee (see CAD website), and making sure people are up to the date with their membership
Directors-at-large are two positions to be filled-- one to represent the north side of county, another to represent the south side of county. Both works with assignment by President or VP to investigate a complaint, a situation, et cetera-- be detectives, then relay the details/truth back to the president.

So COME DOWN, with your kids, friends, whatever-- to RoundTablePizza at 13510 Poway Road, Poway, CA
to VOTE for the commitee and logo for San Diego County to make it official!!!
Starting at 11 o'clock, voting will be at noon...!

(If you are interested in running for a position, please let me know or Kim Laule with subjectline of "CAD positions")


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