Sunday, January 14

San Diego and Deaf Community Service

There was a town hall meeting at DCS. Was anybody able to blog about what issues were discussed; how was the meeting conducted; DCS's agenda on how they improve their quality of services; how they will distrubute their funds to cater every corner of Deaf community; and whether they will stop being a dead weight in water and start to churn up the seas?!!?

I was unable to attend (sorry to those who I have promised to attend to promote community participation!) but I still hope that there will be a blog about it soon for those who missed out on this town hall meeting last Saturday.

My issues with DCS are their lack of aggressive services, especially in interpreting. Their staff were underqualified and the DCS took out their feature of sending out an emergency interpreter (for ERs, police arrest, etc) which forced many companies to turn to expensive interpretering agencies in the region. That doesn't promote positive awareness if the
companies begin look at the Deaf clients as burdens!

The DCS has said they will offer classes and workshops for CDIs to keep up with RID's certification. They have been said that for past two years. I cannot take up RID's test unless I have taken 8 units of workshops. So I am trapped in San Diego, like many other DIs who are
very eager to be certificated and help out their peers in the confusing world of ASL-English interpreting! How could I do it if my own city cannot promise me the services??
You are crazy if you think I should go to Los Angeles. San Diego is a big city, it should conduct its own services and whatnot for the Deaf community without relaying on Los Angeles!

Be more independent and assertive, DCS!

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