Thursday, January 11

Slowly waking up to the reality...

So, I have been caught up with the Deafblogland and noticed that people are getting ready for the DeafAwards.
Last year, I didn't know there was even one and I didn't know I was even nominated! But of course, if there is a last year, I won't be left out of the loop!!!

Here are several entries made in 2006 that sums up who I am as a blogger-- eccentric, intimate, informative, and LOVABLE person (who cusses once in a while)... ;-)

(the order doesn't reflect the quality of the entry-- most of them are ordered by the dates)
1) Jan. 15 "Recovery"
2) Jan. 23 "Hm, am I interesting enough for you?"
3) June 28 "Back."
4) July 5 "CDIs anybody??"
5) Aug. 10 "Splashing out of the fishbowl!"

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