Thursday, January 11

What's a home?

Home is a place of familiarity, comfort, and routines. You know where your stuff goes and you don't have to worry about leaving your clothes on your bed. You know what you will eat because you buy and make a meal for yourself. You know that couch will be a perfect place to nap because you have done it many times.

I didn't suffer any effects of jetlag-- I got up at 8am today and began my day with laundry, tidying up rooms, errands to my university, and checking my email for work. Everybody kept asking if I want a nap or something. "No, I am fine, really." No coffee all day so I didn't cheat. ;-)

I drove just fine. It is just like riding a bicycle. Although I have forgotten how many lousy drivers there are on Californian freeways, but my agility and alertness are still fine-tuned after four long weeks. Well you can say that I have been used these as a pedestrian in chaotic European streets where "stop" (in their native language) doesn't mean anything to people behind the wheels. ;-)

Fortunately, my family hasn't forgotten how to sign-- and I didn't forget how to lipread as well. Although I cannot lipread ANYBODY in Europe, but I can still understand my own mother (and sometime my mother-in-law if I keep pressing her to speak slowly!)

The real challenge is GETTING BACK to work... C had the unforunately position to be SICK as he came back home and had to work at 11am the next day. He said he does feel much better today so we will keep crossing our fingers for his speedy recovery. I go back to work tomorrow at 10am and get off around 3pm.
I definitely will attend the monthly DPHH after work-- I miss my friends! So keep an eye out for me, San Diegans!

So wish me luck for the challenge tomorrow!

(And yes, yes, I will post some entries about my trip to Europe. I PROMISE...!)

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