Thursday, February 15

Dreaming about Vlogs

So weird and so pathetic but just today I took a nap and dreamt about ASL vlogs being subtitled. I dreamt that I was struggling with a certain computer program with another person. S/he tried to calm me down and showed me a certain tool in one of those drop-down menus-- and ta-da! All three vlogs I made were automatically subtitled! WOW! A program that can read and put subtitles on ASL just in a snap! But suddenly I found a problem with one of three vlogs-- the subtitles were garbled ("as@kjd asdlkj asskel"). We both were bewildered, but realized that the person in the vlog (Whom I interviewed, apparently) was signing in LSM! Ahh... a drawback, but I signed to the person "Worry not, will work that, short shot type, nothing-to-it easy job."

Hopefully that dream will come true! ;-) (Of course, with them fixing on the bug of not able to read various foreign sign language!)
But I had to blog about it because I thought this is the first red sign that blogosphere has invaded my mind. WHO DOES DREAM ABOUT VLOGS/BLOGS, FOR GOD'S SAKE!

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