Thursday, February 8

Hearies Know It All?

This is for all my Deaf friends who think their English is horrible and that the hearies have it better because they can hear the sounds et cetera...
Bullshit. Hearies are inept at English just like us-- it takes practice and academic lessons to be fluent in writing English.
Just because you speak/sign the language, it doesn't mean you are an expert. Everybody needs to take lessons to polish up their native language!

The image is taken with my SK to capture the misspelling and grammar
errors found on this simple handmade card by a 40-year-old hearing
female neighbor.

(edited: I added the image after Ridor pointed out that I didn't have any images in this entry. Thanks. I was blogging from my SK3, and apparently the email with attached picture didn't work for Blogger... will have to invesitage more to see how I can include pictures directly from my sk3. Deaf258-- HELP???)

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