Monday, February 26


It is so strange how our thoughts sometime are synchronized with every other Deaf person...

I was referring to my recent vlog where I discussed about ASL classes should be taken up by Deaf students, not only for hearing-- And *bam*, this week my ASL students are supposed to read chapter 15 in "Deaf World"-- which Jack Levesque discusses about how deaf people's ASL is awful because they don't have the opportunity to take the classes like hearing people does with English under the title of "Let's Return ASL to Deaf Ownership". Is it a coincidence!???!!?? Funny...

This leads me to a confession: You know, sometimes I would make a blog or vlog... then put it on hold for further editing-- but that topic ends being already discussed among the Deaf blogosphere. If I post my on-hold blog/vlog, I feel it will appear as if I am "jumping on the bandwagon"-- to follow the hype; yet my thoughts in vlog/blog were truly an original and it was just a coincidence that every other Deaf person was thinking the same thing! So... admittedly I usually swept it under the rug just to avoid the impression that I was following the trend.
I know, that is not good that I am holding back my thoughts-- defying the whole purpose of blogging.
But you know me. I like to march to my own drum. :-) Let's hope I can beat y'all next time when I have a thought to share. (winks!)

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