Friday, February 23

To be judged? NO THANKS!

Hope this works!

I do have more videos so if you want to see other vlogs I made in the past (but didn't add to my blog), go to

I am excited about Ella Mae Lentz's workshop being hosted here in San Diego!
Unfortunately, I have to take my niece to a private school for her Finnish lessons 45 minutes away so I couldn't zoom back to San Diego after dropping her off (I have to stay there to observe as well... until noon. The workshop ends at 1pm. Impossible. So sad for me...) So I have asked my husband to film the workshop for me... and they seem to be okay with that... YAY! it will be wonderful to have a tape for people here to watch the workshop if they couldn't attend this Saturday. That way, the information about Deafhood is STILL spreading...

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