Thursday, March 1


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Now now, I have to admit that I am a bit embarassed to notice that last several vlogs I made on youtube-- that darn "unity for gallaudet" sweatshirt is always there on me!!!
To be honest, it is the most comfortable sweatshirt I have-- and I wear it often because it is a snuggy sweatershirt compared to my endless piles of XXL sweatershirts (that can cover up my whole body down to my knees!)...

However sometimes I wonder if that sweatershirt is somewhat a stimulation for thoughts to be shared on vlogs??? Like a thinking cap-- this is my thinking sweatershirt!

Notes for ASL-impaired: This vlog discusses about me being bilingual and how come I am fluent in English and ASL-- thanks to my foreign-born mother who always reminded me that all languages are worth to learn and cherish, let it be Finnish, ASL, or English. This is a piece of me being exposed... hence the title of this blog!

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