Monday, March 19

Datebook filled up, OH MY!

You all have so many events/meetings to attend in upcoming months...!
So, get up on your feet, put on your best dress, and get involved~~

**Deaf Community Service (DCS) will host another Town Hall Forum on Thursday, April 12, in the Santa Fe Room of the Balboa Park Club (where the DAD usually host annually) from 5:30 to 8 pm.

**A birdie told me about a fundraiser for a Deaf Interpreter Training program at DCS... it will be a wine and cheese benefit at the San Diego Historical Museum in Balboa Park the evening of May 12 called “Sip. Savor. Sign.Feast on This will serve hors d’oeuvres, international
wines and cheeses, sparkling cider, desserts, and port. Museum admission
is free, and there will be guided tours of the museum in addition to a
Silent Auction. Prices will be announced once they have finalized their publications (posters, flyers, cards, et cetera).
Save the date! MAY 12...! Show your support by having a program embarked to an amazing start! (plus you get to drink and meet people-- not bad!)

**Information about CAD is now relocated to -- There is a board meeting on March 24th-- so go over there to read up more information.

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