Wednesday, March 14

Warning: Contents May Gross You Out

I have been out of commission for quite a while-- a week, plus one or two days...
Health-wise, I have been beaten up by different malaises (I learned this word while I was sick) that just added up to this huge toll fell on my body and mind.

Came down with a 102 degree fever last Wednesday. Had to find a sub for my afternoon class so I could go home and suffer in my bed. Shivering in my achy body yet my skin felt so HOT. Drank a lot of water and juice. Finally conceded to take a pill to reduce my fever. 3pm- 102 degrees, 8pm- 99 degrees. It was five hours of hell.

By Thursday, my immune system was probably shot because I woke up with a BAD sore throat. So C subbed for me for my 7am class (I am such a lucky girl to have a wonderful husband like him)... the worst thing is that that day was supposed to be the Midterm day! So these students probably jumped off the walls when C told them the midterm was postponed.

Friday, my lungs decided to join the bandwagon and gave me bouts of phlegm (bright green, that is!) and in its process of its....expurgation, it maimed my throat and further worsened my condition. I just stayed home all day, trying to find the right "lubrication" for my throat and sleep, sleep, sleep to restore my energy.

Saturday, BAM, I got those funny-looking spots floating around in my sight... I asked C to investiage what were in my eyes-- it turned out that I had pus coming out corners of my eyes. Even after a brief catnap, my eyelashes were glued together by this green/yellow discharge. Thankfully, I have a mother who have 21 years of experiences as a nurse-- she diagnosed this odd infection to be conjunctivitis. How could you beat that to be on top of everything else I had!?

Sore throat, eye infection, and the constantly spitting-up phlgem, I decided to haul myself to UrgentCare at a local hospital next day, Sunday. After they were done prodding and branding me, they gave me a prescription called for antibotics and eye-drops to disinfect my eyes. Note: I am allergic to pencillin so when the doctor found out this fact, he did a hard-pondering session before he scribbled me off with a certain brand of antibotics.

Remember I asked what could beat my eye infection? This one did-- this is the cherry on the top. Bright, red juicy cherry plopping on top of my little malaise ice cream...
after a horrible night of nausea, pain in stomach, and occassional diaherra with occasional conspitation (don't ask me how the hell the last two happen)... I called back the doctor on Monday to intrigue about this side effect. "Just eat food with it". Oh but I did... and I turned to my mother again only because she DOES listen unlikely every other doctor in HMO. She used her connections at the hospital (thanks to her years and years of working at the SAME hospital) and...

This is the BIG cherry coming... take cover! ... she found out that I am allergic to this antibotic. ... AHH... Wonderful. I have popped in this antibotic FOUR TIMES for two days in a ROW and it did NOTHING for me but caused pain and discomfort???
So, off to the hospital again to get new prescription of a less-harsh antibotic.

So... Wednesday-- which is today-- I am FINALLY on my road to recovery as I pop in anti-botics to counter my phlgem, sore-throat, and whatever else I am having... oh yeah, pink-eye. It is just one eye that get eyelashes glued if I close it for more than five minutes, instead of two eyes. Yay one down, one to go.

... I just want to sleep in the entire weekend... Can't I? (whimpering)

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