Tuesday, April 10

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock...

Who is making the Deafread Blog roll that I saw on Deaf258's blog?

That headshot. of me. is. BAD!

People-- take this advice to your heart: you should know better to ask a LADY for a permission to use her picture-- and she will do all work to find the PERFECT picture of her that she does NOT MIND sharing with the whole WIDE world!

Yes, I am TAD peeved, but.. THANK YOU for choosing this favorite picture of mine, but you just cropped out the whole point of why I love this picture-- SURFBOARD, WETSUIT, WAVES and-- what is left? my ugly head! BLEH!

Contact me asap so I can give you a BETTER headshot!

Well, maybe I am not that STRESSED out, but I am amazed at the fact that time flew by!

I had made attempts to finish two VLOGS, but ... my life got in the way. :-) And the critic in me won't let me upload those lousy vlogs. (How I dress, too dark, et cetera) especially after I got blasted for uploading a poor-lighted vlog.
Argh. So here is a preview: one about my Home Signs, another related to how a Deaf person should sign with an ASL student. There-- now you can steal my ideas. Not.

My days got filled up quick-- it seems to me that my college days were the last time I got A LOT of time (even after studying and finishing my projects). What happened?!
Still work at two places to teach ASL. Three classes at one place, one class at another. Not bad. I am getting the hang of it...! I think I am a morning person. I can force myself to get up at 5am even if I only got 5 or 6 hours of sleep (I am young, I still need my 9hours of sleep) and despite the lack of sleep, I preform better and got more energy-- the mid-afternoons are the worst for me. I crash.

C got accepted into Gallaudet's graduate program for Linguistics-- so the countdown has begun: only five months away will be our moving day. We already got reviews and opinions of where to live in D.C. (Student housing aka DORMS won't be available to us, darn) but NOW we are working on finding information of which will be better to move-- via self-moving (Door-to-Door), freight, flight, or just drop everything and get everything new in D.C.? Choices, choices!

Then there is the big issue-- MY CAR. C decided to leave his car behind so we can use one car in DC to get around outside of DC for whatever reasons while we use the metro inside the DC. We want to use the metro very much. So... in order to get my car 3,000 miles away... HOW??? C doesn't want to travel across USA in a car... I do. He doesn't want to sightsee. I do. His excuse: "I don't have time, and we will fight anyway." But d'aram darling-- that is what a relationship does-- we fight then we makeup. Makeup is the best part of relationships. ;-)
So we are still deciding on the costs/efficiency of shipping my car or just driving it across (Pros and cons of running up mileage, wear-out my engine/tires, expensive gas to fuel along the way versus to expensive fees of insurance and flying my car).
Any experiences will be helpful~

I already have an idea for my new layout for this blog as I move to D.C.-- the subtitle will be: "Lost in D.C."

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