Tuesday, May 8

Life-- Back on Track

So many things are going on this month-- as I get closer to take control of my life. No longer my life is dictated by classes nor deadlines for assignments. No longer I have to shuffle around my schedule to fit everything I need. No longer I need to pinch my penny...(well I still am frugal, but at least I don't live from paycheck to paycheck anymore!)...

My life... is finally MINE.
and I am thrilled.

My graduation ceremony is next weekend-- so I will walk around and swelter in a BLACK polyster jacket and cap for hours until they summon my name and I zoom by to grad my papers and get over with it! ...Naw. I have to walk SLOWLY and let my mother savor in her proud moments with tears in her eyes. I am the only one in the entire family to have an American university graduation... that is what my mom kept emphasizing to me as she persuaded me to join the walking ceremony. Oh, I AM *so* SPECIAL!

Two days after my graduation is my beloved husband's 25th birthday. He is a quarter of century old!! Haven't decided what to do with him... Unfortunately he probably will prefer to work to just kill the birthday buzz, but alas the workplace may be fatal with overzealous co-workers to celebrate his birthday... They even wrote down his birthday on the eraseboard to remind to bring treats to celebrate. I might just take him out to a nifty vegetarian restaurant. Any further details will be refrained to indulge your imagination. :-)

A teaching job will be terminated in a week since it is the end of semester. I am thrilled! I had enough of getting up at 5am. It has got worser to an extent where I happened to wake up at 3am today! So the getting-up early routine is just throwing me off and I haven't slept a good wink... I think I am better suited to wake up at 7am. 5am is just too damn early.

and Happy early Mother's Day to first-time (and pregnant to-be moms)!!! It is a baby boom season in San Diego among the Deaf community-- I know of 6 babies being born to Deaf parents within this year and there are three more on the way!
(Heathy, Shana, 'Nessa, Bonita, Lindsee, Melissa, Tirhas, Priscilla, Liliyah)

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