Monday, May 21

May Gloom Mixed with Happiness

May Gloom-- after a month of being sunkissed, I suddenly found myself reaching into the "thick socks" drawer and wrapping myself in a fleece blanket... it didn't rain enough in San Diego (maybe half an inch so far??) but I have enough with the overcast weather... I planned to surf but SHUCKS, the May gloom has arrived! Maybe I should invest in a drysuit... I do NOT want to FEEL the below-60 degree ocean!!!!

So far this month has brought so many events and surprises... but fret not... I won't cover them all.

The wine & cheese fundraiser for Certifed Deaf Interpreter Training Program was great-- so many people to meet! I have met some Deaf people who already enrolled at a local interpreting program at various community colleges. I wonder how much they benefit from a hearing interpreting program? Nonetheless, by having a Deaf Interpreting program embarked very soon, it should be a very nice addition to existing interpreting programs to help Deaf terps handling issues which are slightly different from hearing terps. I think this topic will keep me alive in D.C. where there are so many resources for me to become a CDI-- so thanks goodness I got something to keep me busy (after all I cannot surf in D.C.!!!).

I graduated last Saturday-- well, more accurately I joined in a graduation ceremony! I did graduate in December 2006, and got my degree within a month. However my mother put pressure on me to participate the university's annual graduation ceremony which is always in May-- and I gave in. She graduated from my university as well and she never had the opportunity to walk so she wanted to live vicariously through my graduation. Anything for her to get off my back-- and after all, it is a nice Mother's day gift that didn't cost me anything but my dignity!
Well, why must I lose my dignity, you may ask... and that I gladly answer... it was an all hearing graduation.

For the first time, I have NO Deaf friends to accompany me on this typically joyous event. There was another Deaf student graduating, but given the size of this university and our different majors, I don't know this student well enough to rub elbows. So I felt foolish for attending an event where I cannot celebrate with my fellow classmates... so I had to swallow my pride and just went through with it to see my mother smiling.

I had 16 deaf classmates/friends for my high school graduation (out of 300 students), so this recent graduation was a huge change for me. I sat lonely in a sea of black-gowned shouting (600?) students, pondering how long the ceremony would take, and where the hell my family was seated so I could chat with them (ah, an advantage of knowing ASL, FYI!).
But if you think about it, that graduation does sum up my experience at my university.
I was the only Deaf person all throughout my classes.
I made a very few Hearing friends.
I didn't partake in the tyical college activities (bong-drinking, uh, kegging, uh whatever you guys do...).

But I had no regrets. I learned a lot than I would ever from my crappy high school. I learned who I am and my preferences. I made a lot of friends (not ON campus). I enjoyed my times at the university in some favorite classes.
and I am very, very glad I don't have to return to my university (only for their lovely superlibrary and bookstore).

Hooray For Me!
Bonjour, SDSU-- you were good to me, but I am leaving you!!

PS-- Happy a quarter of a century birthday to my dear dear husband "C"...! Here it is to many years ahead to grow together. I do look forward to those years. Doostat D'aram.

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