Saturday, June 23

Road Trip

The tentative route can be seen here at google map that I devised (clicky).

We plan on taking freeway 15 north to Las Vegas then from there we will continue on highway 70 to enter Utah where we will stop and camp to take in some beautiful sights.

Next day, we will floor it all way through the Midwest only to brake once we are in St. Louis to sleep. Maybe to sight-see (I heard so much about the City Museum) and whatnot... to get our legs familiar with walking and whatnot after two days or so of driving.

Then we will try to floor again to reach to D.C. by nightfall.

Sounds simple, huh?
Recommendations are always appreciated-- for vegetarian-friendly joints or nice supermarket along the route as shown on google maps.

And we are not going to sight see-- we are in a time constrict, so Utah and St Louis are our only stops for sightseeing so no recommendations about detouring to Canada, to Montana, to Oklahoma, or whatever. Gracias.

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