Tuesday, June 26

SEE a language? HA!

(Okay a disclaimer goes here: my friend Kristeena was the person who held the camera... she didn't realize that whenever she flipped the camera 90 degrees the film does the same... so I had to reposition some clips 90 degrees back to its proper angle, but it ended up STRETCHING everything... so some body parts may look out of proportions.)

I don't think a transcript is necessary. I can make a bullet list of what exactly was said:
"Three of us are at a bookstore and we saw something and we wish to protest against this feature... and we got the right because we have used SEE when we were younger"
"SEE (Signing Exact English) being on the same shelf as ASL..."
"Language bookcase is the wrong place for the SEE books... so we decide to MOVE them all..."
"We thought the most suitable and appropriate place for those SEE books is..."


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