Monday, June 18

Squaring Away my Life

It is hard to size up your life's accumulations into a cardboard box. Is it pathetic that I only got six boxes? And it doesn't even include my clothes!

It is amazing how fast time has flew... right now I only got a month left to get ready for our road trip cross-country to Washington D.C. ...
My living room is askew with boxes taped up placed on one side and piles of stuff placed on other side of room waiting to be either sold or given away to Salvation Army. My heart winced a bit when I know I won't see my things again... however there is no sentimental value in any of those things-- I just liked them (like my old vintage wood dresser.) Cannot I just take them all??!! Only if money was not an objection.

It is difficult to choose which I will take with me and which I can leave behind for four+ years...

I chose to leave behind my childhood beloved items with my mother to be stored away in the attic. After all I will move back and get a house where my childhood items can be displayed. I have a huge dilemma about my artworks-- many are easy to be taken with but I have several recent pieces that are not possible to pack up in a simple box... should I throw it out or leave it behind? Since nobody in my family appreciated my art, I felt strongly against leaving it in their hands-- after all they might just dump it out. So C brought up an idea-- "mail it through USPS?"
BUT WAIT before you dismiss this idea...!
It is actually CHEAPER to mail stuff than ship them through a moving company or FedEX! Jeez! So we decided to leave boxes of clothes (that we won't need for a month), books, and some artworks to be mailed later by our family as soon we find a place. It will cost us about 40$ for a 70-pound box... that is CHEAP.

So there is a grain of hope for me to take all precious possessions I have...! Course, I still have to purge plenty that have no sentimental values or are easily replaceable.

C and I plan to leave around July 25th to drive for four days or so-- with stops planned for Utah and St Louis with my puny car stuffed up with boxes.
'Tis a life of frugal post-college students.

We plan to camp along the way if the hotel rates are too expensive. It will be fun! We have to get our own tent, although... what a bummer!
The lifestyle of mooching off our family has ceded to self-reliance.

Any suggestions of vista points or yummy vegetarian-friendly joints to check out along the highway 70 will be greatly appreciated.

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