Friday, August 10


Alexandria, Virginia is my new home. The affordable housing in the District is run-down and lack all necessarities for a vegetarian. Alexandria, VA is NOT far as people clamoured. It is only less than 30minutes by public transportation, less than 20minutes if drive own car-- and that is close by my standards. You should trust a Californian when it comes to time and distance-- after all, we measure our distance in time, not miles.
There is a vegetarian-friendly organic market a skip over from my home, and I am only 3 minutes away from two major grocery stores. Yay, this is a step closer to be green! Unfortuantely, my apartment complex does not have a recycling bin! I will need to press them to establish one so we can recycle our plastic, cardboard/papers and aluminum cans.

So far, the District doesn't strike any chords in my heart. The weather is not helping it any. I am already looking forward to the winter-- when it is near the freezing point... anything is better than this humidity.

I have contemplated on my escape plan to be applied every summer whereas I will fly out to San Diego where the aridness prevails. Probably will keep me sane-- maybe meanwhile I should just go to Bath & Body works and buy cocount-scented lotions... maybe seawater and kelp if they got any... naw, SexWax will do the trick for me. I love its scent!

So far, I have no luck with jobs. I began to wonder if I am overqualified or the fact that I am Deaf has detered the job employers from hiring me. I wonder what is the living wage in this proximity? For me, anything below 15$ hourly is not feasible. My friends keep forgetting the fact that I do have a BA degree. Does my degree count for something? It appears to not in the District.

It just shows you that BA is just a piece of paper... and nobody cares about your qualifications unless you show years of experiences or even better, a MA/PH.D... BA is just like a high school diploma 10 to 20 years ago... and like a diploma, BA doesn't take you anywhere.

Sad but true.
Otherwise-- cross your fingers for me as I apply at many, many jobs (20 applications have been sent out)...

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