Tuesday, August 21

Does Living Wage Exist?

As I went through various job interviews, I have been offended over and over. They were only willing to pay up to 8.00$ hourly. That is so offensive that they think I am willing to put myself through hell for that measly wage.

Is that a living wage? No.

Why? They don't offer any benefits such as dental insurance, health insurance, or paid vacation days, sick days, et cetera.

8.00$ at 30 hours only brings you 240$ weekly. So a month (4 weeks) will only get you 960 dollars. And wait until the government takes their pie and left you with 850$.

Eight hundred and fifty dollars?! You got your rent to worry about, your utilities bill to fret over, and to top it off-- YOU HAVE NO IDEA if you will get a fever and then miss some days which will dock your pay!


It is DELIRIOUS that the Target is only willing to pay 7.50 after I asked for 8.50$ hourly.

This is DELIRIOUS because what the fuck does my BA degree count? It apparently doesn't matter to them that I poured money into a piece of paper so I can get pay sensibly...

Fuck colleges. If you are 16, you better get a job just to rack up experience so you can get some decent job without shortchanging yourself with minimum wage of 7.50$ at age 21.

Am I delirious for saying NO to Target and walking away so I can find a better-paying job?

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