Tuesday, August 21

Wifi-Free Spots

Okay, I have gone to lengths to find wifi-free spots in Alexandria, VA and I decided to share my knowledge to spare the new residents the troubles of finding the right wifi-free spots....

There are currently only three wifi-free spots in Alexandria, and two are in Old Town on the same street, and another is in Del Ray.

Bruegger's Bagels on King Street got the BEST and FAST wifi connection. They do require you to register, but you can bypass it.

COSI is next second best, also on King Street, they do require you to register and you cannot bypass it-- their connection is so-so, so if you can, ask them where is the best seat to get good reception. I doubt they know anyway... but they got darn good Vanilla Latte!! (Somebody had told me about the reception here that the "signal is strongest near the entranceway and bar area. Signal tends to get weaker in the rear of the restaurant.")

Caboose Bakery/Cafe in Del Ray on Mount Vernon Street got the worst wifi-connection-- it is unbelievable SLOW (as if it is a dial-up connection!) and their menu is OVERPRICED. Don't bother to go there... when you can go several more blocks to Old Town.

In Washington D.C., there are ZILLIONS of wifi-free spots but I am only reporting for Alexandria... because information is precious as well time.

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