Thursday, September 20

Gone for the Weekend

Even though the forecast for San Diego is RAIN, I am still going to hit the beach. Riding my favorite roller coaster for ONE more time. Visiting all tourist spots, especially the Balboa Park-- just to say "hey! I remember you!" Maybe a trip to the Zoo if the rain didn't interfere too much and defer the animals to hide in their caverns.

Or I can just kick back and catch up with my niece by poolside and at beach. I love her. I miss her a lot. I worry about her.
Yeah. Better to hang out with her and take her with me to anywhere I want to go in San Diego.

I just need to pack my swimsuit and I am good to go. I can shop for new clothes in SD, no problem. Just jump on the airplane with what I got and the rest will be taken care of.

I am looking forward to the flight back home-- I need it. I am ready to fall apart here in DC. I need a break. To forget DC.

Sorry, folks, DC is only a temporary residence. The only thing that will keep me in the city is school (Master's in Interpreting). Not the people, not the city, not the new friends, nothing. Sorry. But it is for your own good-- so you don't hope for the impossible.

District of Columbia-- can we just be friends? I still got feelings for San Diego. I cannot love you when I still got those feelings for somebody else. I had to leave her because I need to know who I am. Now I do. I will be always here for you, DC, to learn more from you BUT as a friend. Hope you understand.

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