Sunday, September 23

Mama Asked...

Today, Mama (whom I call my mother-in-law; my mother is affectionately known as "Äiti") asked a very good question-- "what do you like the most about Washington D.C.?" .... not "do you love DC?? Do you think you will live there forever? I told you so!" like many acquitances have said to me without waiting for my reply. Mama asked me today and I took the time to ponder.

My reply: "Trees." I love the nature-- the greenery, the diversity, the weirdness. I have discovered some amazing sights with the nature in D.C.... the oddity of a floam-like fruit, the adorability of acorns that Chip 'n Dale will love, the change of colors in the leaves... Hell I know I will fall in love even more once the Autumn is in full swing! But once the last writhered leave hits the ground, I gotta move on and find the beauty in the snowfall, the icicles, and the dreaded black ice.

So here it is-- I love the trees in D.C.. hey, there is an improvement-- I say "love" and "DC" in the same sentence!

So this is a hint that my next entry will consist of my snapshots I took around Alexandria.

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