Monday, September 3

Vloggin' Makes You Famous!

Due to my vlogs, my face has became a familiar face among ASL students/Deaf students. In this vlog I explained about several incidents where I would encounter strangers commenting about my vlogs. But the biggest irony is that people who recognized me from my vlogs expect me to recognize them as well! Duh, I cannot see my audience! So I am telling you, my viewers, that it is OK to wave "hello" but as long you add the fact that you know me from my vlogs!
Has it happened to any other vloggers? DO SHARE!

NOT IN THE VLOG, but do read on!:

The most memorable incident was at a coffee night where I was talking with two good Deaf friends. There were no chairs/tables left so we stood next to doors. It just so happened that a young lady/girl came in the store-- she creeped behind my friend and signed from behind-- "You G-N-A-R-L-Y-D-O-R-K-E-T-T-E?" I spotted her in corner of my eye and nodded slightly to avoid distraction from my friends who had engrossed into a topic. This strange lady then signed: "Yes...! I SEE you...." as Robert De Niro in "Meet My Parents" did... then she just walked away. I was bewildered, and apparently my face did show because then my friends asked me what was the matter. I told them about this strange girl. It triggered my friend to mention that when he was testing with iPhone (on the first day of release), he went to the YouTube website and saw my vlog in the "Videos being watched right now..." and he was taken back to see me!
So surreal!!!!!!

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