Friday, September 7

Where is Etiquette in Comments left to Deaf Female Vloggers?

I watched Mish's vlog and noticed a certain comment that I wish to discuss

Anonymous said...

I gotta say that you are a beautiful lady ! (bite bite)
September 6, 2007 9:54 PM

I noticed that among female vloggers, those comments often pop up where they compliment the female vlogger's appearance. Yet the vlogs are not about our appearances.

How does Mish feel with that vlog? How do the female vloggers feel about those comments on their vlogs? How will YOU feel?

I, for one, can tell you how I feel-- I feel it is not appropriate, and it disrespects me as a female. I don't want to become a sex object and I don't see why you should post the comment. It is unnecessary and irrelevant. Mish's comment may seem to be not big of a deal, but I can tell you that since I vlog, I had deleted NUMEROUS of comments that was centered about that they "drool" over my look and that I am "easy to look at ", et cetera.

I so WISH I keep the list of comments so you can see the truth as you read through the vulgarity of some comments and some light-hearted reference to my appearance.

It irks me that people don't care about what I said and just rather to rub their crotch while watching my vlogs.
And that THEY let me know about it as well.

And yet you wonder why there are not so many female vloggers-- well there you go. Until you learn your manners, there won't be a surge of female vloggers because we are RISKING ourselves emotionally when we are being judged for our beauty, not our contents we bring to the vlogosphere.

UPDATED: (Sept 7th 9:03pm) I left this in the comment box but wish to include in this entry. Please do read all comments so you are on the same page!
**** (I did edit further so some words will be different from the comment I left) ****

The banner picture is NOT of my breasts-- I want to put out that disclaimer. Sorry to disappoint ya. (Don't believe me? Look at those fake nails. They won't work for me as an artist that get dirty with grime, paints, and work with wood/metal/et cetera).
I chose this image because it suits my title of "DORKETTE: exposed" because in my definition, I am opening up and expose myself to the world with this blog. I didn't realize that people cannot see that relation to the title-- maybe they were too distracted by the nipples (WHERE are the nipples anyway?? I don't see them! They are practically covered up like a Victoria's Secret model!!!!)

But do I ask you to say "wow, that is one hot breast!"? No. You don't have to reply and suggest that you will love to grope that breast.
There is a fine line between a perversive comment and a compliment. Most comments I have received are perversive and are often deleted promptly (here or at YouTUBE). If you do see a comment that is a compliment-- I didn't delete them however I am a bit hesitant about keeping them because I feel as if I am narcissistic to keep those comments.

BUT NONETHELESS-- my main point is that I never see any comments left to a male blogger that says: "omg, you are so HUNKY" or somewhere along that line... the only compliments to male bloggers are for their teeth. ;)

Even if you do search high and low and find some to prove me wrong, but you will NEVER be able to say that male and female vloggers get the SAME AMOUNT of sex appeal related comments.

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