Wednesday, October 24

Communication Access -- YES!

At the end of his vlog, Jon Savage mentioned about communication access as an essential element for Deaf and Hard of Hearing who are not fluent in English (foreign Deaf residents, et cetera)-- one of them is to accompany an ASL interpreter on the TV along with closed-captioning for any emergency news break.
I did mention about it in my last entry about my friends being surprised to see an ASL interpreter on TV next to the mayor...

Below is what it looks like on a television!! Many many thanks to my dear friend Aaron H. for taking this picture for me.

I was told that the female interpreter had been working for 3 straight days-- she went and interpreted for the mayor every time he called for an emergency conference. SO many thanks to Joanne C. (seen in the image) for her hard labor and efforts as interpreter!!!

*Deaf Applause*

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