Tuesday, October 23

Contained? Relief?

My family are OK. My in-laws' house was in danger, with the fire less than 5 blocks away-- it was crazy but somehow the firefighter held the line there and it was declared safe for my mother-in-law to return to her house. I am sure she will be busy cleaning off the soot from all of windows and doors and try to salvage her plants from ashes!

My home that I grew up in since age 4 is only less than two miles from a raging fire-- I am crossing my fingers that the fire won't catch on the great dry plain between highway 52 and Miramar road... if so, then my home will be in trouble. My mom said it should be fine since Cedar did burn that area so there is nothing for the fires to set ablaze on.

It is said that Thursday should be better weather-wise and makes the job easier for the firefighters. I am just glad that a lot of help are pitching in-- from Utah and Arizona and the military forces! President Bush is supposed to come in to look around the state San Diego is in... FEMA has been called in since the state of emergency has been declared by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and approved by the federal government.

There is almost a quarter of the city's population being displaced (temporarily for many, permanent for unfortunate few). That is a shocking number. You may go to this webpage provided by CBS8.com where you can see which fire being contained (there are two being 100% contained) and which fires still raging and its whereabouts.

The best latest blog that gives you updates is http://sosdfireblog.blogspot.com

As for the Deaf residents, there are a lot of changes from 2003 Cedar and Palasides fires-- and all are for better! Interpreters are being dispatched to every evacuation center to keep the Deaf evacuees informed, and all news conference made by the mayor are CLOSED-CAPTIONED along with an ASL interpreter standing next! So you can see the interpreter and the CC at same time. I am shocked when several friends told me this-- I asked them to take a picture (with their SK, digital camera, SOMETHING) for me to share with you. This is a HUGE step for San Diego and I applaud Mayor Jerry Sanders and the city for respecting and including the needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing residents.

UPDATE: I found a videoclip from KUSI.com where there is an ASL interpreter next to the Mayor-- you will see her after a minute or so... I am a bit grumpy that the camera didn't stay on the interpreter for the entire clip!!!
click here for the video

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