Monday, October 22

Harris and Witch Creek Fires: Redux

It is happening. All over again.

My family and friends in San Diego kept updating me while I worked today-- they informed me of the track the fires left behind, the houses lost, the mandatory evaucation.

My mother-in-law and the family dog have left her home in Poway to a relative's house in Carlsbad. My mother said it is very smoky and people were told to stay indoors. My friend in Linda Vista said it is snowing ashes.

I am angry that I cannot go over and help.

I am angry that I am thousands of miles away.

I am angry that the news channel doesn't close-caption their online videos. I am gonna to bitch to them about it-- I wonder if they did it agian-- not closed-captioned the emergency services on the news channel for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing viewers... they got in BIG troubles in 2003 when the Deaf viewers were lost and didn't understand what were happening and what they should do.

I am angry that it has to happen all over again.

100,000 acres have been burned, and the fire is only 5% contained. The city and county just have to wait for the Santa Ana winds to reduce its gust speed-- (I was told that in canyons, it is expected to be 80mph while all other place will experience 40 to 60mph winds). Tomorrow should be better and turns in favor for the firefighters to smote the fires out.

What the Cedar Fire didn't burn in 2003, the 2007 fires savor. Right now, there are seven fires raging in the county. It is said that the fires are worser than Cedar fire and that more homes will be lost this year compared to 2003.

The current locations of the fires are shown in the image below from --

To keep yourself in the loop, seems to be a reliable site. A live blog by a San Diegan that keep records of the fires which is very helpful: at Checksum Crusder blog.

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